Distribution and consumption of video is exploding across all digital platforms.

The Internet, mobile networks, and social media serve digital media that now reach virtually everyone anywhere and immediately anytime.

The end of bandwidth constraints (capability, capacity and cost) enables audiences to consume rich and long form video as an information resource and for creative story-telling pleasure and purpose.

Content is king.






It seems we’re at an inflection point, a duality that has significant consequences to our future.

This essay sums up the situation astutely. Competition or cooperation, we must decide.


It was fifty years ago that it was twenty years ago today that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.

Despite a reasonable contention that Sgt. Peppers may not even be the best Beatles album, it’s hard to underestimate its transcendent significance in 1967.

Perhaps the first concept album, it redefined what a collection of songs could be and convinced a generation to believe that music could change the world. In June 1967 the sound of joy and freedom filled the early summer air.






The decades-in-the-making culmination of a vision of what an integrated technology company looks like is realized in Cupertino.

Apple’s new headquarters building is stunning architecture and engineering, as well as a striking physical manifestation of how a 21st century company can be organized to advance its mission and promote its enterprise.

Form enhances function.


Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership


Professor Harari transformed social and evolutionary anthropology with the publication of Sapiens in 2011 (translated in English 2014).

Over the past 3 years he has been a prolific thinker and author, exploring what makes us “human” and how the future will change our “humaness”.



The rise of the useless class

Kevin Kelly is a man of big ideas, adding insight into the complex adoption of computing technology, a pioneer of digital design, and astutely analyzes the impact of machines on man and our society.

He is above all utopian, believing that man is essentially good and that change should be embraced. That the best is yet to come.

His thoughts on AI:


Always something to learn and admire at The Webby Awards, Win or Place.


Tim Brown and IDEO are pioneers of the digital and product transition from ‘how it looks’ to ‘what it is’ in contemporary design.

The studio defined a design process that objectified process to better ensure successful outcomes by codifying how to solve problems by focusing on user behavior and working backwards from intended goals.

IDEO transformed design from the icing on the cake to an essential ingredient of the recipe.


Marketing’s 4 P’s are now 3 (place is going away as product, price, and promotion remain).

Two pieces on the mindset, mission, and process of Amazon. Over the past 20 years the company has literally and conceptually reinvented the world.



Do you want friendship with those fries?

Politeness isn’t enough; we now demand friendliness. And it’s destroying authenticity