Do you want friendship with those fries?

Politeness isn’t enough; we now demand friendliness. And it’s destroying authenticity

A seminal manmade sign of Spring is baseball’s opening day.

Nice story about following your passion and the contemporary game.

We’ve moved from the imperative of adding digital to the marketing effort to the necessity of making it the lifeblood.

To understand AI one must begin with consciousness.

Inevitably this complex effort contains an implicit measure of ambiguity and will yield imprecise conclusions and unknown outcomes.

But the makers of technology don’t do uncertainty well. Coders code, machines perform and outcomes loom down the road. Clarity will be elusive but the consequences will be real (some planned and others unintended).

The rise of the useless class

Mike Allen’s new enterprise Axios is worthy of a daily read. The site and its newsletter offering feature magazine design and a bright, insightful editorial voice.

This piece on the rise of millennials is interesting and representative:

If the third spaces of the world appear to reflect rooms of similar minimal design, it’s because they do.

Facebook’s answer for the future is all Facebook all the time.

Redef’s Set:

Ben Thomson is alarmed:

Manifestos and Monopolies

In this harsh winter season of rain and snow, and beset by political instability, painting can restore the senses and offer a tonic for the soul.

The NY Times is the canary and newspapers are in the coal mine.

What the Times plans and executes with regard to distribution will be the existential bellwether of printed news, arts and lifestyle content in the near term.

Moreover as the digital platform continues to assert strategic and marketing primacy, this priority has become the primary endeavor of the NY Times and for every print media company.


How The New York Times Is Clawing Its Way Into the Future

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