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I leave you with a sentiment from the great Lee Clow:

“Never forget the important difference between creating something that is impossible to avoid and something that is impossible to ignore.”

A general theme of these weekly posts is the future: its shape and definitions, its predilections and possible scenarios, and how to build adaptable foundations to prepare for outcomes and contingencies.

We cannot know the future but we do know that its velocity and complexity will be unambiguous.

Before shifting into warm and fuzzy mode for the Holidays, consider these interesting insights into a decidedly undesirable warm and fuzzy life form: the New York rat.

Diverse, intelligent and adaptable – like life itself.

To understand AI one must begin with consciousness.

Inevitably this complex effort contains an implicit measure of ambiguity and will yield imprecise conclusions and unknown outcomes.

But the makers of technology don’t do uncertainty well. Coders code, machines perform and outcomes loom down the road. Clarity will be elusive but the consequences will be real (some planned and others unintended).

The rise of the useless class

Mike Allen’s new enterprise Axios is worthy of a daily read. The site and its newsletter offering feature magazine design and a bright, insightful editorial voice.

This piece on the rise of millennials is interesting and representative:

View story at

From Ben Thompson, a comprehensive model of media in our time.

The Great Unbundling

Connecting people through interactive networks in real time is the seminal innovation of our time.

The future seems to increasingly intrude on us as summer ebbs and fall gathers on the horizon.

In its September issue Scientific American asks scientists and academics several questions about what they think will occur in the future. Inevitably, their answers are predicated on a long perspective but interestingly their educated predictions share a hopefulness about what’s to come.

The science of cool, a moving target, socially defined and by definition constantly changing.

The neuroscience of “cool”