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The smartphone:

Changing how we communicate and the very definition of communication.

Reinventing the design and interface of digital devices.

Transforming culture by reordering social behavior and manners.

Changing information structure and the organization of time and memory.

Altering historical analog approaches by injecting non-linear digital perception.

Changing how we think and perhaps ultimately the mind itself.

A Sociology of the Smartphone

It seems we’re at an inflection point, a duality that has significant consequences to our future.

This essay sums up the situation astutely. Competition or cooperation, we must decide.

It was fifty years ago that it was twenty years ago today that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.

Despite a reasonable contention that Sgt. Peppers may not even be the best Beatles album, it’s hard to underestimate its transcendent significance in 1967.

Perhaps the first concept album, it redefined what a collection of songs could be and convinced a generation to believe that music could change the world. In June 1967 the sound of joy and freedom filled the early summer air.

Professor Harari transformed social and evolutionary anthropology with the publication of Sapiens in 2011 (translated in English 2014).

Over the past 3 years he has been a prolific thinker and author, exploring what makes us “human” and how the future will change our “humaness”.

The rise of the useless class

Marketing’s 4 P’s are now 3 (place is going away as product, price, and promotion remain).

Two pieces on the mindset, mission, and process of Amazon. Over the past 20 years the company has literally and conceptually reinvented the world.

A seminal manmade sign of Spring is baseball’s opening day.

Nice story about following your passion and the contemporary game.

If the third spaces of the world appear to reflect rooms of similar minimal design, it’s because they do.

Leave it to France to refine the work/life balance.

How to enjoy France’s right-to-disconnect law without living in France

It’s that time of the year!

Brooklynism is a design ethos characterized by an eclectic mash-up of formal and informal design and aesthetic elements, and a personal style that exudes a controlled rough look and raw appearance.

Designers have an 8-letter word for the despised hipster aesthetic colonizing the planet