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Global Metro Monitor 2018


Faris is a brilliant planner and understands media better than most.

Transposing the Food Pyramid model he examines the proper relationship to media consumption and gives guidance as to the quantity and quality of constituents and the portions that are good for us.

In media as in advertising and marketing, ultimately it’s always about relationships – to utility, aspiration, purchase, consumption and brands.

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The Economist’s 1843 Magazine is always interesting.

This article suggests that modern British architecture, specifically Norman Foster’s work, has largely created our perception of what the future looks like: curved curtain glass walls, innovative engineering, and integrated minimal structures.

Starbucks conceived the strategic concept of “The Third Place” in its early corporate development to describe its brand proposition. In this formulation Starbucks would assert itself into the fabric of daily life not simply as a food and beverage retailer but as a destination where people could satisfy their needs as well as pursue their interests and passions in a comfortable public environment (with free wifi).

It was an updated version of the coffeehouse model that established a third place (after home and workplace) where retail transactions and human experience, connection and interaction could thrive and become the brand’s identity.

A traumatic week for technology. Facebook is a cracked mirror, driverless cars can kill, and technology equities can crash hard like every other market sector.

The growing backlash against Silicon Valley is a gathering realization that our devices and applications are not simply utopian gateways to unlimited information, utility and convenience, but they’re also potentially addictive objects enabling individual pathologies, privacy intrusions, and social dysfunction.

They are rewiring our brains and reconfiguring our behavior.

What should we do when our open and free information and social systems are infected by malevolent actors guided by sinister aims and evil purpose?

A portion of social media has become a trojan horse of deceptive identity and networked propaganda.

John Battelle argues that it is an existential threat to democracy and must be countered and rectified.

In our age of disruption economic and social change is transforming behavior, style and work.

As individuals increasingly value “experiences” over fashion, and the nature of work is reinvented by automation, AI and demographics, adapting to the speed and dramatic scope of change promises a traumatic and volatile¬†future.

Social media is wrestling with a scam and sham problem.

Intrinsic to the integrity of all media is truth and trust: that who and what is presented and conveyed is real and honest. Agendas and objectives are inevitable but so too must be principle and honor.

Amazon’s automated store is a version of the future. Amazonian in vision and ambition.

Amazon Go and the Future

Looking ahead: