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The Economist’s 1843 Magazine is always interesting.

This article suggests that modern British architecture, specifically Norman Foster’s work, has largely created our perception of what the future looks like: curved curtain glass walls, innovative engineering, and integrated minimal structures.

Jony Ive is back on the front lines of Apple design. Guess Apple needs to rediscover its mojo.

Not surprisingly the BBC is doing interesting digital work.

It’s Culture section is producing arresting video features to complement its always sterling broadcast and print efforts.

Tim Brown and IDEO are pioneers of the digital and product transition from ‘how it looks’ to ‘what it is’ in contemporary design.

The studio defined a design process that objectified process to better ensure successful outcomes by codifying how to solve problems by focusing on user behavior and working backwards from intended goals.

IDEO transformed design from the icing on the cake to an essential ingredient of the recipe.