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Our attitudes and relationship to nature have changed as our world becomes more populated and urban life has become ascendant and dominant.

What have we lost and what have we gained?

Out from Emergency

An alien in the Deep?

A controversial study has a new spin on the otherworldliness of the octopus

Wishing you joy.

Would that we all were as fortunate as these fellows:

Why do we commute despite its frustrations and stresses?

Because our work requires collaboration, we enjoy community, and the amenities of a city or town enhance our daily experience. Still, the daily book-ended aggravation is immense.

If there is hope in the future it may be from virtual reality. Until then we climb into our rides during the same hours and crawl together on crowded roads or sit or stand in packed subway cars and buses.


Work and the nature and contexts of labor are a lightening rod of social, political and global change in the early 21st Century.

As the traditional end of summer passes by and autumn asserts itself, it’s back to school and the office. While we were away the issues of inequality, diversity, community and personal identity didn’t take a day off.

Love what you do.

Americans spend too much time at work. So plan to disconnect and take some time off this summer. You’ve earned it.