Professor Harari transformed social and evolutionary anthropology with the publication of Sapiens in 2011 (translated in English 2014).

Over the past 3 years he has been a prolific thinker and author, exploring what makes us “human” and how the future will change our “humaness”.

The rise of the useless class

Kevin Kelly is a man of big ideas, adding insight into the complex adoption of computing technology, a pioneer of digital design, and astutely analyzes the impact of machines on man and our society.

He is above all utopian, believing that man is essentially good and that change should be embraced. That the best is yet to come.

His thoughts on AI:

Always something to learn and admire at The Webby Awards, Win or Place.

Tim Brown and IDEO are pioneers of the digital and product transition from ‘how it looks’ to ‘what it is’ in contemporary design.

The studio defined a design process that objectified process to better ensure successful outcomes by codifying how to solve problems by focusing on user behavior and working backwards from intended goals.

IDEO transformed design from the icing on the cake to an essential ingredient of the recipe.

Marketing’s 4 P’s are now 3 (place is going away as product, price, and promotion remain).

Two pieces on the mindset, mission, and process of Amazon. Over the past 20 years the company has literally and conceptually reinvented the world.

Do you want friendship with those fries?

Politeness isn’t enough; we now demand friendliness. And it’s destroying authenticity

A seminal manmade sign of Spring is baseball’s opening day.

Nice story about following your passion and the contemporary game.

We’ve moved from the imperative of adding digital to the marketing effort to the necessity of making it the lifeblood.

To understand AI one must begin with consciousness.

Inevitably this complex effort contains an implicit measure of ambiguity and will yield imprecise conclusions and unknown outcomes.

But the makers of technology don’t do uncertainty well. Coders code, machines perform and outcomes loom down the road. Clarity will be elusive but the consequences will be real (some planned and others unintended).

The rise of the useless class

Mike Allen’s new enterprise Axios is worthy of a daily read. The site and its newsletter offering feature magazine design and a bright, insightful editorial voice.

This piece on the rise of millennials is interesting and representative: