I leave you with a sentiment from the great Lee Clow:

“Never forget the important difference between creating something that is impossible to avoid and something that is impossible to ignore.”

Our attitudes and relationship to nature have changed as our world becomes more populated and urban life has become ascendant and dominant.

What have we lost and what have we gained?


Out from Emergency

It was once asserted that advertising is a combination of art and science. Today it’s algorithms followed by everything else.


At Fredericksburg Lee said “It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it.”

The irony and paradox of war is that virtue and self-sacrifice may transcend death and destruction. That the meaning of life is revealed in the maelstrom of death.


The engine of growth, the incubator of culture and the catalyst of cool.



Global Metro Monitor 2018


Douglas Rushkoff is a futurist and technologist. His upcoming book, Team Human, will explore what it is to be human in a technology dominant and guided world.

Among his themes is his observation that increasingly the purpose of wealth is to buy escape – from others, from one’s community and from a hostile and lethal future.


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The 2008 global economic crisis is among the reasons why we find ourselves where we are today. Things fell apart and a significant number of people realized that the system was not only stacked against them but was broken.

Ten years distant we’re beginning to see historical analysis that describes the ramifications of the event in clear perspective.


In times of change:




Ken Auletta’s new book “The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)” is his insider account of the current chaos and transformative change besetting the advertising industry.

The media business is locked in an existential struggle to adapt to complex changes in technologies, demographics and behaviors, among many complex forces at work. It’s a story of the decimation of 20th Century Madison Avenue by 21st Century digital and data ascendance.

Faris is a brilliant planner and understands media better than most.

Transposing the Food Pyramid model he examines the proper relationship to media consumption and gives guidance as to the quantity and quality of constituents and the portions that are good for us.

In media as in advertising and marketing, ultimately it’s always about relationships – to utility, aspiration, purchase, consumption and brands.

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