What should we do when our open and free information and social systems are infected by malevolent actors guided by sinister aims and evil purpose?

A portion of social media has become a trojan horse of deceptive identity and networked propaganda.

John Battelle argues that it is an existential threat to democracy and must be countered and rectified.


In our age of disruption economic and social change is transforming behavior, style and work.

As individuals increasingly value “experiences” over fashion, and the nature of work is reinvented by automation, AI and demographics, adapting to the speed and dramatic scope of change promises a traumatic and volatile¬†future.





Social media is wrestling with a scam and sham problem.

Intrinsic to the integrity of all media is truth and trust: that who and what is presented and conveyed is real and honest. Agendas and objectives are inevitable but so too must be principle and honor.


Amazon’s automated store is a version of the future. Amazonian in vision and ambition.

Amazon Go and the Future

Looking ahead:


The Guardian examines the economics, social dynamics, cultural anthropology and intrinsic goodness of the sandwich.

Britannia rules (the bread…)


The remarkable Ben Thompson:

The 2017 Stratechery Year in Review

One last assessment of a grim year. Let’s hope 2018 isn’t worse or catastrophic:

17 striking findings from 2017

Wishing you joy.


Christmas is many things: transcendent hope and the promise of redemption, the power of memory, the presence of love and loss, and the fellowship of the living and the dead.